Don't Burn - the Anti-Smoking Rap by Dr. James Gordon "MC MD"

Anti Smoking Rap


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Smoking Can Kill You

Smoking causes cancer - and even if you don't die, you will still get wrinkles, stinky breath, breathing problems and more. 

The Anti-Smoking Rap is by Dr. James Gordon, M.D. It is available for free from this site in video and audio format. 

Every day you have have a choice - to light up and get one step closer to death, or to drop the pack in the trash can and breath the good air.  Need some help making the choice?   Watch the free video.

Anti-Smoking Rap is also available here in free MP3 format for download.  You can download the song for free.

Be sure to tell your friends - especially if they have children or teens who need to learn the dangers of smoking and tobacco use.

Smoking can kill you.  As the "MC MD" says, "You're gonna suffer, you're gonna suffocate.  Stop right now before it's too late."

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